It’s Just Lunch: A Closer Look at Reviews, Horror Stories, and Cost of the Matchmaking Service

“It’s Just Lunch” is a professional matchmaking service that has been connecting busy professionals with potential partners for over 30 years. With a focus on personalized matchmaking and face-to-face dates, It’s Just Lunch offers an alternative to traditional online dating. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the reviews, horror stories, and cost associated with It’s Just Lunch to help you gain a better understanding of the service.

What is It’s Just Lunch?

It’s Just Lunch works as a personalized matchmaking service, where professional matchmakers hand-select potential matches based on clients’ preferences, interests, and relationship goals. Clients are then set up for face-to-face dates at a mutually agreed-upon location.

It’s Just Lunch Reviews:

As with any matchmaking service, It’s Just Lunch has received a mix of reviews from clients. Some individuals have reported positive experiences, praising the personalized service and successful matches they received. Clients who value the convenience and guidance of a matchmaker have found the service beneficial.

On the other hand, there have been some negative reviews, with clients expressing disappointment in the quality of matches or the frequency of dates. Some individuals have also mentioned challenges with communication or feeling that the matches didn’t align with their specified preferences.

It’s Just Lunch Horror Stories:

Like any matchmaking or dating service, It’s Just Lunch may have encountered some horror stories. These stories often involve miscommunication, mismatches, or unsuccessful dates. It’s important to note that matchmaking is not an exact science, and finding the right match for every client can be challenging.

The success of It’s Just Lunch depends on several factors, including the client’s specific preferences, the availability of compatible matches in their area, and the communication between the client and the matchmaker.

It’s Just Lunch Cost:

The cost of It’s Just Lunch can vary depending on the location, level of service, and the number of dates included in the package. As a personalized matchmaking service, It’s Just Lunch typically has higher fees compared to traditional online dating apps.

As of the time of writing this article, It’s Just Lunch’s fees can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. It’s essential for potential clients to review the specific pricing details and packages offered by their local It’s Just Lunch office.

Is It’s Just Lunch Worth It?

Deciding whether It’s Just Lunch is worth it depends on individual preferences, dating goals, and budget. The service can be beneficial for busy professionals who prefer a more personalized approach to dating and value the convenience of having a matchmaker arrange their dates.

It’s important for potential clients to have realistic expectations about the matchmaking process. Finding the right match may take time and communication with the matchmaker is key to ensuring they understand your preferences and needs.


It’s Just Lunch offers a personalized matchmaking service for busy professionals seeking meaningful connections. Like any dating service, it has received a mix of reviews and experiences from clients. Some individuals have found success and enjoyed the personalized service, while others may have encountered challenges with the matches or communication.

If you’re considering It’s Just Lunch, it’s crucial to research the service thoroughly, read reviews, and have a clear understanding of the cost and commitment involved. Being open and communicative with your matchmaker can enhance your experience and increase the likelihood of successful matches. Ultimately, finding the right dating service that aligns with your preferences and goals is key to having a positive and fulfilling dating experience.

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