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The 6 Worst Breeds of Boyfriends in the World

You may have experienced all of these bad types of boyfriends at one point in your relationship. Whether it’s a jealous boyfriend who has no concept of love or a practical boyfriend who navigates emotions using rationalism, these six types of boyfriends can be hard to handle. Luckily, you can identify these types of men early on and work to avoid them in your future relationships.

The jealous boyfriend can’t understand love

One sign that your boyfriend is jealous is if you’re arranging things for yourself without him. He may even react negatively when you mention that you’re meeting a male co-worker for lunch. Most friendship groups are mixed and men have their own friends. This can make him jealous, especially if you’re arranging fun activities for yourself. He may also isolate himself from other men, leaving you feeling unimportant.

If you’re experiencing signs of jealousy from your boyfriend, make sure you talk to him about it. Try to sit down with him at a time when your emotions are not too high and explain your feelings. Identify any patterns and describe valid behaviors. If there’s no common pattern to these behaviors, you may have to talk to a therapist to uncover the root cause. He may be able to help you peel back the layers of jealousy.

The jealous boyfriend is probably not willing to talk to other guys. He may doubt your commitment to him. He may be afraid of karma or low self-esteem. You might want to talk to his friends and family about it. You should also evaluate yourself and ask forgiveness if you’re torn apart by jealousy. He might not cooperate and you may need to find other men. It may be best to leave your boyfriend if he won’t understand love.


The insecure boyfriend is a narcissist

If your boyfriend is constantly talking about himself, he may be a narcissist. Narcissists constantly exaggerate their talents and achievements. They are too busy talking about themselves to listen to you. In addition, they are likely to talk about themselves without asking you for feedback. Narcissists often do not listen to others, instead making everything about them.

Insecure men are often overly attached to their partner. They need constant validation to feel good about themselves. They may be constantly checking up on you or complaining about how insecure they are. They may even feel uncomfortable spending time apart from you. They may not want you to have fun with friends or spend time away from them. However, you should not worry – you can overcome the narcissist’s lack of attention by recognizing that you’re his only source of validation.

Unlike other types of lovers, narcissists have little appreciation for others. They can’t remember the good times and only hate you in the present. In the same way, they can be draining to be with, which makes relationships difficult even for non-narcissists. They also see themselves as the victim, escalating the smallest disagreements into full-blown arguments.

The practical boyfriend navigates emotions with rationalism

This type of boyfriend will never let his emotions cloud his judgment. He will reason through any disagreement using logic. He also considers a rational approach to a problem and rarely gets angry over petty issues. This type of boyfriend is the least emotional and doesn’t love hard. If you want to attract one of these guys, make sure you know how to handle his quirks. In this article, we’ll explain how to deal with the emotional aspects of your relationship with a practical boyfriend.

The jealous boyfriend is a narcissist

If you are thinking that your boyfriend is jealous of your friends, you might have a narcissist in your midst. Narcissists are extremely self-aware and constantly seek attention from others. These types of men are also likely to exploit people in order to attract attention. Narcissistic behavior can have devastating effects on a relationship. Narcissistic partners often abuse their partners psychologically, isolating and criticizing them. While this behavior is common among narcissists, not all narcissists display these traits.

A narcissist can be very confident, but he will constantly test your relationship to see if you truly love him. Narcissists are always testing their relationship to see how strong it is, which means they will push harder and push you harder to see how you will react. However, if your boyfriend has a true love for you, then you should be able to spot his narcissistic behavior.

If your boyfriend is acting jealously, he is probably a narcissist. This type of person will not be concerned about other people’s feelings and will go to extremes to attract attention from other people. His behavior may include stalking you and yelling. To make you feel wanted and loved, he may try to change his behavior. They may even talk about you as if you are inferior to them.

The practical boyfriend is a narcissist

If your boyfriend constantly sabotages your relationship, it’s possible that he is a narcissist. Narcissists lack emotional empathy and may not be able to love you as much as you would like. This is also known as gaslighting, when the narcissist manipulates you and uses your emotions against you in order to justify his behavior. You should avoid a narcissist by being aware of any of these behaviors.

Self-centered people have no empathy for others, and they don’t care about being understood. They’re also lazy and uninvolved. In fact, they’re likely to resent your efforts – even if they’re not your fault. If you find yourself falling in love with a narcissist, remember that it’s hard to be yourself around such a person.

Narcissistic people love making you question their feelings and thoughts. If you start doubting their actions, they’ll play the victim and try to evade your questions. If they act out of character, they won’t want to explain why they’re doing something wrong. If this is a pattern you’ve already noticed, avoid answering the narcissist’s questions, as this can further frustrate him. If you want to keep your relationship healthy, get some time away from your boyfriend. By doing this, you’ll be able to clear your mind and assess your own emotional well-being.

The jealous boyfriend is a boa-constrictor

Have you ever had a jealous boyfriend? Is he always trying to control your life or he’s jealous of your accomplishments? If so, you’re not alone. Many women experience the same thing. One of my ex boyfriends once had a jealous boyfriend. She was a wolf and I had a snake, but my snake-hating ex had a snake.


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