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How to Get the Best Online Dating App Profile Photos for Guys

Getting the best online dating app profile photos for guys requires some tips and tricks to keep in mind. You want to look natural, not too intense, and convey a fun, carefree lifestyle. Keeping these tips in mind will make sure you have a great set of profile photos to choose from.

Avoid racy photos

Getting your profile photos right is an important step in attracting a woman. You need to make sure your photo is eye-catching and shows something about you. This means you shouldn’t stick to generic photos, which are unlikely to attract females. Instead, try out a few different options to get the most out of your Hinge photos. These five tips will help you avoid cliches and make your photos stand out.

Another tip for your Hinge photos is to avoid wearing motorcycle helmets. While you don’t want to hide your face, this may make it more difficult for women to see your face. You also don’t want to wear a mask, which will keep half of your face covered. You should also avoid posing on a beach or in the water, as these will make your photo less likable.

Convey a lifestyle

Creating a profile photo that conveys your lifestyle is a must if you want to be a success on Hinge and similar apps. A profile photo can make or break your chances of landing a date, so it’s important to pick your pictures wisely. A good photo will show off your sexy side and give potential dates an idea of what life is like for you.

For instance, one study found that men’s sand shots were 80 percent more likely to attract likes than women’s beach photos. Likewise, a photo of you sipping on a cocktail in Vegas was also likely to garner more attention than your average photo.

Dating App Profile
Dating App Profile

Avoid looking too intense

Getting a photo that looks good on Bumble Hinge profile photos is not always as simple as it seems. You don’t want to post a generic photo, and you don’t want to look too intense. Luckily, you can learn a few tips to help you get the best results possible.

Other tips for a Bumble Hinge profile photo include posting photos of yourself that are unique and interesting. These could include photos of your hobbies or other interests. This can humanize your dating profile, and will allow women to get to know who you really are. For example, a photo of you running a race shows that you’re fit and active.

Avoid selfies

Taking a selfie may seem like a great idea for your dating profile, but it’s not always the best choice. In fact, science has shown that selfies aren’t the best way to go when trying to attract the right type of person. The key is to create a well-balanced photo that’s polished and professional, not just cheesy and overly candid.

In addition to using a camera, you should also use a grid to center yourself in the picture. This can help you avoid placing yourself in awkward positions. You can even ask friends for their best photos so you can make sure you’re highlighting the best features.

In addition to taking a good picture, you should also choose a photo that’s appropriate for your online dating site. For example, a Christian dating site might be stricter in terms of the rules and requirements.

Don’t use a portrait photographer

Using a portrait photographer for your Bumble Hinge profile photos can be a great way to attract compatible partners. However, it is important to know that the best photos don’t always translate to a dating profile.

Dating App Profile
Dating App Profile

Rather than trying to use a photo from Instagram or another social networking site, you should choose one that best depicts your personality and interests. This can include a picture of you enjoying a hobby or a shot of you exercising. If you don’t have a photo library, you can ask a friend to take a few pictures or hire a professional photographer.

The key to a good profile photo is to make sure you have a good symmetry and that you aren’t too posed or too blurry. You also want to have a main light source. This means that your facial features will be accentuated. The main light should be either eye level or at least at the level of your face. Side lighting is also a good option.


Whether you’re trying to get a date or if you’re just looking for a new friend, smiling on your dating app profile photos can make a huge difference. According to Tinder, you’re 10 percent more likely to get a match if your primary profile picture features a small smile. But, just because a smile will draw someone doesn’t mean you should always show your teeth in your photo.

A recent study by the UK found that pearly white teeth actually increase a person’s attractiveness. It may be that the teeth are considered to be a sign of health, or it could be that people are more confident when they have good teeth. Either way, it’s a nice compliment to receive.

During a recent study, the scientists at Hinge analyzed 1,000 photos from male and female members and assigned each one a number of tags. They then ranked each photo and found that photos with smiles were the best.

Dating App Profile

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