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3Fun Leaks Location Data of Users

3Fun is a location-based mobile dating app that lets you search for dates in real-world locations. It is currently available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app has more than two million downloads and approximately 100,000 monthly downloads. Users can search for dates based on their location and the application uses AI and GPS spoofing to create a three-point map of where the user is physically located.

3Fun is a dating app for open-minded couples

3Fun is a dating app for polyamorous and open-minded couples that offers a platform for dating people with different lifestyles. The app has a database of over 2 million active members who are looking for someone to share their life with. The app allows users to upload private and verified photos and has an artificial intelligence (AI) system to automatically weed out catfishers and fake photos created with Snapchat filters or other software.

The 3Fun network accepts all couples and has interest-based matching features to help people find like-minded partners. The app is also designed to be safe, as privacy is a major concern in the polyamorous dating community. Users put their hearts on the line and need to feel secure that their information will not be stolen or hacked. Fortunately, 3Fun has a dedicated team to verify profiles and ensure a fun environment.

It uses AI to identify fake profiles

3fun recently released an update that allows users to see real-time location data of other users. The company has had a problem with identifying user details before, but this update is much better and now encrypts user location data. It also allows users to browse anonymously and block suspicious users. Another useful feature is the ability to synchronize multiple accounts, which will help couples chat together using one account.

Researchers from the University of Warwick have created an algorithm that can identify fake profiles. The algorithms can analyze data like demographics, images and self-descriptions to determine whether a profile is real. This helps dating services reduce the number of fraudulent profiles, which can lead to financial loss for victims.

It uses GPS spoofing to create a three-point map of a user’s location

Using GPS spoofing, 3Fun was able to leak its users’ locations, sexual preferences, pictures and chat data. Researchers then used the stolen data to create a three-point map of the users’ locations. They did this by calculating longitude, latitude, and height and using trilateration algorithms.

The researchers found that the information was accurate to eight decimal places in latitude/longitude. This is alarming because this information could be used for surveillance, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia where the LGBT community is targeted.

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